Sr. Regina Liu, SMIC, Dean, invites participants to the comprehensive training program on Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine. 

4th Commencement Exercises, Thanksgiving Mass, and Christmas Party 2022


Are you interested in learning more about health and wellness? SMIC-ITCM proudly announced a free webinar for those interested in health awareness. This is will be conducted via Zoom and with a capacity of 100 person only. Do not hesitate to reserve and join us for this informative event!! Please contact us for additional information. Tel No : (02) 8374-0000 Mobile No. : +639173051405 Email :
First Topic: “Long COVID, How To Manage It In TCM Way”
Second Topic: “Sluggish? Tired? How TCM can help you regain your energy”
Third Topic: “Effect Of The Emotions To Your Health”
Fifth Topic: “Cold hands and feet? How TCM can help you “
7TH Topic: “How To Take Care Of Your Heart In TCM”
9th Topic: Part 1″Eating your way to better health using TCM Nutrition 1 and 2″

Fourth Topic: “Back Pain in Officeworkers:
A TCM Perspective
Sixth Topic: “How To Protect Our Liver – A TCM Perspective”
8th Topic: “Preserving Kidney Health in TCM: The Key to Longevity and Vitality”
10th Topic: PART 2″Eating your way to better health using TCM Nutrition 1 and 2″


The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival or Mooncake Festival, is a traditional festival celebrated in Chinese culture.

Students of Acupuncture Program Batch 5 those who attend face-to-face classes play the dice game during their lunch break.

Bo Bing (Chinese: 博餅, also known as Po̍ah-chiōng-gôan-piáⁿ) is a Chinese dice game traditionally played as part of the celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival. It is traditionally played with six dice and a china bowl.

Safety Precautions

June 20,2022: Herbal Dispenser Course, First Batch

June 20,2022: Herbal Dispenser Course, First Batch.
The SMIC Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine has just concluded the introductory modules of its new pilot training program — the Herbal Dispenser Course. The course is being offered to individuals who wish to learn the storage and maintenance and the preparation of Traditional Chinese Materia Medica

May 13, 2022 : Monitoring and Evaluation of Training Centers with PITAHC Staff Ms. Lina Regis and Pia Belarmino together with our Academic Dean, Sr. Regina Liu

Retreat Day with SMIC-ITCM Faculties and Students. Spiritual retreat is time set apart to be in quiet, rest, and solitude with God. Thank you for your inspiring and motivational words Sr.Hazel, rc

Sr. Regina Liu, Smic,

Certified TCM practitioner

Dean of Smic Itcm

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Sr. Michelle Juan Liu, SMIC, Certified TCM Practitioner

Asst. Dean, Smic Itcm

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The Wednesday group of interns with their mentor at the Teaching Clinic of Smic Itcm.

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The study of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) requires many hours of memorization of basic information and mastery of fundamental principles. Students realize soon enough that TCM is a discipline with its own logical and sophisticated system of thought. But the most difficult step is the change in paradigm which is often the major hurdle of students who are steep in the study of western science (notably, medical doctors and allied health professionals). Once achieved, the new (actually, ancient — yet it managed to survive the modern age) paradigm opens new and very useful perspectives in the concept of health and disease. At the SMIC Institute of TCM (Smic Itcm), we have a comprehensive training program and a fully credentialed faculty to help students learn and practice Chinese Medicine with global competence and essential human values.

Patients are seen every day at the teaching clinic of Smic Itcm for our students who are required to finish a total of almost 1,000 hours of internship.

Mr. Lloyd Lester Lee, CAA (Certified Acupuncture Associate) is a graduate of Smic Itcm and is an intern (erratum: I inadvertently described him as a supervisor earlier) in the teaching clinic of the school. He is one of our interns who tirelessly shares his talent, skills, and knowledge.

Sr. Juan (Michelle) and Ms. Kristle, two mentors, listen to an intern discuss a condition of a patient at the teaching clinic of the SMIC Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Smic Itcm).

This is the actual video of one of the Acupuncture techniques to relieve stress and to have better concentration. Thank you to Sr. Michelle SMIC-ITCM Asst. Dean and to our student Mr. M. Calano for volunteering to be a model for this
acupuncture treatment.
FIRE NEEDLING by our Assistant Academic Dean Sr. Michelle Liu

SMIC-ITCM wishes everyone a Happy Chinese New Year! Kung Hei Fat Choi ???
Year 2021: Done preparing the venue for Students Christmas Party of SMIC Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine Inc.
Virtual Recollection November 2021
Last November 24, 2021 conducted the orientation to SMIC-ITCM Students with our Dr.Berenice Limark-Yu, MD,CAMA
Basic and Final Comprehensive Exam


Student Orientation of Batch 5

Sr. Regina (Shengrong) Liu in TCM Nutrition Series.

SMIC-ITCM is offering a free series on Traditional Chinese Nutrition. Nutrition is one of the 5 components of TCM which includes Acupuncture, Herbology, Qi-GOng-Taichi, and Tuina massage.

The ingredients is readily available in one’s kitchen. For more information about the Comprehensive TCM and Acupuncture Courses we offer just send us an FBPM or email at and we would be happy to help you.

*The common herbs featured are available at the SMIC Herb Pharmacy.

**The content of this video is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the professional advice of a Certified/Licensed Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor or Practitioner with any questions you have regarding a medical condition.

  • TCM Nutrition Series #1 GINGER Nutrition is a practical way of taking care of our well-being. For the first offering of this series, our Dean, Sr. Shengrong Liu, SMIC, L.Ac., Dipl. O.M. DAOM is featuring the uses and benefits of Ginger.
  • SMIC-ITCM Nutrition Series 2: CINNAMON. Cinnamon has more medicinal uses and benefits than we thought. And usually what is being used is the outer bark of the tree but according to Sr. Shengrong Liu in TCM there are other parts that are used for therapeutic purposes.
  • TCM Nutrition Series #3-FIELD MINT. In English, Field Mint comes in 2 other names-Wild Mint or Corn Mint. Learn about its therapeutic properties. Additional household tip: Field Mint also helps drive away insects, rats, and mice!
  • SMIC-ITCM Nutrition Series #4- TUMERIC. As it has many health benefits there are also precautionary measures on when and how much Turmeric should be taken.
  • SMIC-ITCM Nutrition Series #5 LONGAN. Longan is not just an auspicious fruit but it also has health benefits. Trivia: The Chinese name for it lóngyǎn (when it is still fresh, not dried) literally means dragon eyes.
  • SMIC-ITCM Nutrition Series #6-HAWTHORN
  • SMIC-ITCM Nutrition Series #7-GOJI BERRIES. Goji berries or wolfberries are the red raisin-like dried fruit we see in Chinese groceries and drugstores. They have a sweet, slightly sour taste.

Sr. Michelle (Juan) Liu, SMIC-ITCM Assistant Dean doing Acupuncture Fire Needle