SMIC-ITCM is looking for Clinical Study Participants;

Objective: The study aims to evaluate the effect of acupuncture specifically designed for long COVID symptoms manifesting as three deficiency patterns: Qi deficiency of the lung and kidney, Qi deficiency of the lung and spleen, and Qi deficiency of the lung and heart.


We will be posting regular updates and relevant information on this website regarding the Corona Virus Disease-2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.  COVID-19 is caused by Acute Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). In this series of health bulletins, we hope to clear misconceptions, allay unreasonable fears, and foster an atmosphere of rational thinking and helpful action.  At the moment, we can only stress what has been stated over and over.

What we need to focus on:

1. Hand hygiene: 20 seconds of thorough hand washing with soap and water as often as needed.  Avoid touching your face as well until after a good hand wash. The virus has been known to stay on surfaces for some time.

2. Respiratory etiquette:  Since the virus spreads via air droplets from the respiratory system of infected individuals, we must practice good respiratory etiquette. Only sneeze into tissue paper or handkerchief. (And, we must dispose of/handle contaminated items properly.) If you need to cough, cover your mouth by pressing it towards one of your elbows. And, if you have cough or colds, please wear a mask.

3. Keep a safe distance from other people at all times.

It would be wise to consider ourselves — ALL OF US — infected with Covid-19 at this stage.  Hence, we must all stay indoors and monitor our condition with the aim of protecting others as well. Patients with moderate to severe symptoms that present as persistently high grade fever, severe cough, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea must be brought to the hospital for confinement. 

Another issue is the economic and psychosocial costs this disease is causing our society. The poor will be hit the hardest. We expect the government to take up the cudgels but we would also like to call for more charity from those able and for social responsibility from those who have been reaping benefits from the system. We need not look far for these people who need help.  We can access reliable venues by which we can help them.  It may just be a matter of clicking some tabs on your cellphone or by performing acts of kindness and generosity in your very own household.  We recognize how challenging this may be given the gross inequalities we have in our society but we must.

We recognize the invaluable contribution the frontliners of the health care service are giving to society. They are the brave soldiers in a difficult war where the enemies are invisible.  We hope to thank them and serve them and those who survive this horrible war.  Soon, we hope to assume a more concrete role in the recovery and in the regaining of strength of those who served and those who were affected. But at the moment, we can only keep ourselves safe and healthy, be good resources of information and material support, as we fervently pray for the quick and safe resolution of this pandemic.

Last, but not the least, getting ourselves fully vaccinated is still one of the best options in preventing serious disease and death from Covid-19.

We will be posting regular updates as well as discussions in the next few days.  We will soon post a discussion of how TCM views this pandemic and what concrete roles it can assume.

Let us pray for a quick favorable resolution of the health crisis that we are all in.

For additional reliable information on COVID-19, please go to this link: WHO LINK